Wherever you are in your career you can never afford to stop learning. Get the skills you need with our industry-proven, internationally recognised qualifications and training courses.

Our marketing and sales qualifications are taught by some of the best minds in global marketing and driven by what’s happening in the industry: 95% of UK employers see ours as the marketing qualification to attain.

Remember – professional qualifications make a statement

One of the many facets of a career in marketing, and what makes it such a fascinating choice, is the fact that no two jobs are the same. Every company has a slightly different culture, and take, on why marketing exists and what it is intended to achieve.

Professional qualifications not only make a statement to an employer about your commitment and stamina, but they also speak volumes about your knowledge of what has become a critical, and more complex, area of business. Marketers today can no longer count on their track record alone and your ability to contribute towards achieving targets and demonstrating measurable results will be the key to your continued success. This means that putting time and effort into gaining a professional marketing qualification is increasingly important.

The one indisputable fact is that marketing represents a unique balance between science and subjectivity. The theory of marketing is a complex intellectual challenge and the practice of marketing is even tougher but, when you get it right, it is all worthwhile and marketers today have to be increasingly resilient to cope with the demands they face.

From the explosion in channels at the sharp end, to branding and reputation at the strategic end, we are all striving for consistency of behaviour both internally and externally.

The skills, knowledge and understanding of all this will help us to flourish in a hugely competitive industry – if you want to stand out from the crowd and get that top job, you’re going to have to offer something extra. And that something extra should be professional qualifications.

CIM qualifications can be completed while you are working and many employers will sponsor you to complete your qualifications. Delaying your education and training is not necessary.

Think carefully … what else is stopping you?

Once you have your qualifications how will you keep your skills current? And how will you learn new skills?

Even at the senior level, marketers need to keep abreast of new approaches and regulations, from the impact of technology to the tightening grip of the law on marketing activity.