Airtel Vodafone – Switch and Save

As a challenger brand competing against two more established operators in Jersey, Airtel-Vodafone had to do something special in 2013 to win new customers. Airtel-Vodafone adopted an agile, brave, innovative and determined approach to achieve objectives. Focusing on their Pay-as-you-go product, they undertook extensive research, remodeled their pricing and product strategy, introduced new places to get the product and devised an innovative media campaign.The Switch & Save campaign increased new Pay-as-you-go port-in customers by 81% compared to the same period in 2012.

Aztec Group – Make Yourself

‘Make Yourself’ is a young, fun and bright campaign designed to attract the top students and graduates to pursue a career and professional qualifications at the Aztec Group.

Competing against the big four accountancy firms, we took an alternative approach and used multiple mediums to target the best and finest talent.

‘Make Yourself’ was certainly noticed and well received by our target audience as we recruited almost double our initial agreed intake of trainees and all within budget!

The Beauty House – The Beauty House Waxing

We are in the ‘feel good’ business; so, how could we make people feel good themselves, about us and what we do, and our brand, while differentiating ourselves from the competition? We did this in our advertising by targeting a ‘young-at-heart’ hip audience and by making Hot Waxing our definitive product of choice, our hero. We capitalised on our rural country location and parking and turned these features into emotional benefits by having fun with our headlines – We made hot waxing less taboo and more de rigueur.

Durrell – The Lonely Dodo

The Lonely Dodo introduced Durrell to a ‘cold’ marketplace and new demographic, successfully converting interest into financial support. It is a brave strategic step for Durrell, demonstrating effective use of digital media. Initial research identified the target audience likely to provide the biggest ROI in a short time span. We created a character to ‘speak’ to this audience in an appropriate tone, communicating a serious message in a playful and memorable way, achieving standout in the crowded charity market segment.

HSBC Expat – Connecting with International Customers

Awesome. Cool. Fascinating. These aren’t words you’d usually associate with a bank, particularly a big, global bank like HSBC. But that’s what expats had to say about HSBC Expat’s innovative customer engagement programme designed to make it a go-to resource for the international expat community. Acknowledged by their marketing peers and shortlisted for a number of industry awards, the programme’s success has established the Jersey Marketing team as experts in international customer engagement within HSBC.

HSBC Expat – Customer Engagement through Innovation

The Jersey Marketing team developed Expat Hints and Tips, a microsite
designed to help people plan a move abroad and make the most of their time
in a new country. All of the site content is sourced from the public and
HSBC Expat employees. More than 1,000 tips covering life in 66 countries were submitted within the first three months reaching users in 174 countries and hundreds of positive tweets received worldwide.

Jersey Finance – Jersey’s Value to Britain

Jersey’s value to Britain report resulted from a research-led PR campaign, which aimed to demonstrate the strength of Jersey’s finance industry, particularly regarding the UK, where the true nature and extent of the mutual value being created between the jurisdictions was not fully recognised. The report findings contradicted years of incorrect negative assumptions about Jersey and formed key messaging used to fill the public and political knowledge gap, with 3.8 million people globally who read coverage relating to the report.

Jersey Tourism – Walk this Way and Discover Jersey

Jersey Tourism ran a social media campaign in May/June to position Jersey as a walking destination, breaking new ground in facebook app innovation. A visually striking competition app was built to increase engagement, shares and drive repeat visits to our Jersey page. Levels of facebook engagement and advocacy were significantly increased – moving Jersey to No.1 in the UK for the ‘largest social community with the smallest land area’. The campaign contributed to attracting 722 walkers to visit Jersey for Autumn Walking Week 2013, spending over £357,000.

LibertyBus – The Brand that Jersey Built

In the run-up to taking over Jersey’s buses, CT Plus Jersey needed a brand that restored Jersey’s sense of ownership of the service; but you can’t build that ownership by imposing a brand in the normal, top-down way. A revolutionary approach to brand development was needed: Islanders directed the process democratically, voting for their livery, brand and smartcard name.

Over 1500 Islanders participated in the livery vote alone, building a brand formed from the expressed will of the community: LibertyBus.

Ormer – Under Starters Orders

Launching a luxury restaurant brand in a recession was always going to be challenging. Add a TV chef, discerning market and tricky exit strategy and the enormity of the task transpires. Identity reflected the restaurant ethos whilst considering the brand growth pipeline. A Teaser Campaign was finely tuned to build anticipation and was heavily supported by innovative use of social media and PR.

Strategy was everything; the brand campaign was meticulously planned and the marketing mix intelligently balanced achieving a fanfare launch.

Pedal Power Bike Shop – A New Brand Beats the High Street Doom and Gloom

Over the last year the new Pedal Power brand has positioned itself with an online and offline marketing campaign as a dynamic and modern brand to cater for the increasing interest in cycling as a hobby and elite sport. The combination of quality products and service from a strong local retailer brand, all tailored towards a specific target market, has resulted in a 17% increase in turnover. This is an outstanding achievement during a very challenging economic period for retailers.

RBC Wealth Management – Jersey Swimarathon: A Shared Vision

The Lions Club of Jersey turned to long term event sponsors, RBC Wealth Management, to deliver a communication plan for the Jersey Swimarathon. The multifaceted campaign was a long-term project with the objectives to: maximize funds raised; recruit local beneficiaries; encourage participation across our community; and keep the event in the minds of Islanders from November 2012 through to June 2013. The campaign also faced the challenge to creatively manage PR following unforeseen Island-wide snow fall during the event week.

Skipton International – Skipton Open Studios

The team behind Skipton Open Studios 2013, an Islandwide celebration of Jersey’s artistic talent, devised comprehensive marketing and PR strategies to raise the event’s profile. Organised by Jersey Arts Trust and sponsored by Skipton International, it involved 54 artists who opened studios or exhibited in an artists’ village in shipping containers at Weighbridge Place.
The raised profile resulted in a threefold rise in attendance from the previous year – bringing the total to 15,427 – the biggest take-up in its six-year history.

SR – Head Chef to Chef Proprietor

Taking Jersey’s most renowned chef from his accredited position to a new venture in a period of economic downturn tells a polemic story of anticipation and risk.

A strategic PR plan that diminished controversy but amplified excitement was required. The plan incorporated exit strategy, CSR, PA’s, partnerships, social media and persistent media relations. The campaign has generated eight times return on PR spend. Bookings for ‘Ormer’ were achieved three months before opening and the restaurant has achieved a Michelin Star within four months.

States of Jersey Police – Domestic Abuse Campaign

Every day we receive three reports of domestic violence, half of those involve children. The impact is devastating.
It’s one of the only crimes where we want an increase in reports; it means people have the confidence to talk about it.
In late 2012 and into 2013 we embarked on a multi-media campaign to raise awareness and empower victims. During the first few weeks of the campaign, reports of domestic abuse increased by a third. Since its launch, reports have increased by 16%.

Sure – Sure and Sure International

Following a change of ownership Sure has refreshed its consumer brand and extended it into the enterprise division in the form of Sure International, reflecting the global reach and the vast resource base island businesses can access. A well executed launch ensured that a situation which had the potential to cause unease, or a decline in brand recognition has been received in a positive light and has marked the start of a new, exciting time for Sure and Sure International.

Sure – Sure TV

Launched in October 2012, Sure TV is a unique proposition for Jersey and demonstrates how Sure’s innovative approach to product development and marketing ensured Sure maintains its position as primary challenger in this highly-competitive market place. Sure undertook extensive market research to prove the viability of expanding into television, while a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan ensured correct segmentation of the market, with a wide range of channels chosen to cross-sell to its existing base as well as targeting new-to-Sure customers.

Total Digital Media – Big Gig in the Park 2013

Big Gig, a fund-raising family music concert, tasked Total Digital Media to maximise revenue and ensure the viability of future events. Ticket sales were inconsistent and the event lacked brand strength that hindered its ability to develop enticing commercial partnerships with sponsors. A modernisation of the existing marketing practices was essential. The main success of this was the sell-out of 6,000 tickets in 23 days. The event now has a strong brand and marketing platform to move forward with in the future.

Wetwheels Jersey – Le Tournoi: Build the Brand, Launch the Boat

Jersey’s maritime playground should be accessible to all – but it isn’t.
In 2012 the sports charity Le Tournoi launched the Wetwheels Jersey campaign, to raise enough funds to build a specially designed boat that could take people out on the water, no matter what their disability or disadvantage. The campaign was founded on a strong brand proposition and a comprehensive PR and communications programme. More than £165,000 was raised in nine months and the vessel is now operational.