Best Brand Campaign

Have you launched a new brand this year? Maybe you’ve worked on a re-vitalisation or extension of an existing brand, or launched into new market segments – For any brand campaign, this is the category for you. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Well developed and executed brand strategy
  • Clear and differentiated brand values
  • Clarity of customer value proposition
  • Effective use of marketing resources
  • Excellent design

Best Use of PR

Have you used public relations techniques effectively to achieve campaign objectives? This could be either an internal or external initiative, or perhaps involve corporate social responsibility – If you’ve used PR successfully, we want to hear from you. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Quality of work in line with the requirements of the brief
  • Clear objective setting
  • Return on investment
  • Originality and creativity and excellent execution
  • Effective integration within the communication mix

Best Use of Media

This category is open to companies or brands that have made effective use of marketing channels, including print, direct mail, telephone, television, radio, outdoor media and digital channels. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Relevance of the media to the target audience
  • Effective use of media
  • Return on investment
  • Clarity of customer value proposition
  • Effective use of marketing resources

Marketing Achievement on a Small Budget

As budgets are squeezed, marketers are often asked to produce results at a lower cost. If you’ve delivered great results against your campaign objectives for under £10,000, submit an entry into this category! Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Clear and well articulated strategy
  • Implementation plan
  • Relevance of campaign to the target market
  • Clear breakdown of budget allocation
  • Return on investment

 International Marketing Award

Reflecting on Jersey as a centre of marketing excellence in the wider marketing arena, this award recognises Jersey marketers who have achieved success beyond our shores. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Clear and well articulated strategy and implementation plan
  • Well articulated objectives and goals
  • Implementation of all elements of the marketing mix
  • Clear breakdown of budget allocation
  • Financial return on investment

Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

If your campaign has successfully demonstrated the 7 P’s of the marketing planning process, taking a co-ordinated approach to marketing to add real business value, you could have a winning Integrated Marketing Campaign. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Clear objective setting
  • Use of relevant communication channels for target market
  • Originality and well executed implementation
  • Consistency of messaging
  • Effective measuring

Sustained Marketing Achievement Award

This award recognises the importance of marketing investment over a minimum 3-year period, enabling a company or brand to respond to evolving market conditions and/or customer needs, in order to deliver sustained business value. Your submission should demonstrate:

  • Clear objective setting over the set time period
  • Implementation and evolution of the 7 Ps in response to
    evolving customer/market conditions
  • Clearly defined set of performance measurement criteria
  • Financial return on investment

Student Marketer of the Year

Student Marketer of the Year will be awarded to the student achieving the highest overall grades in the CIM Postgraduate Diploma, the institute’s most senior qualification.

Judges’ Choice Award

This prestigious award will be presented to the submission which, in the Judges’ opinion, represents the best example of marketing excellence from this year’s award entries.

For more information on making a submission please click the link below:

CIM Awards 2013 Entry Form

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